Better Veggies
To add flavor to vegetables, cook them in broth instead of water.
Party Planning
Planning a party, average 10-12 appetizers per person.
Tips and TIdbits

Cooking Tips and Tidbits

Our cooking tips have been compiled over years of working with chefs and other culinary experts. These are just a sample of the types of tips you'll find in any of our cookbooks. Download a copy of these tips by clicking on the download PDF link above.

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Baking Tip
A rule in baking is to make only one substitution in a recipe, if absolutely necessary.
Mock Cream Cheese
Mix 1 cup low-fat cottage cheese, 4 tbsps. margarine and 1 tbsp. skim milk in blender or food processor until smooth.

Creative Presentation Idea
Container ideas to hold dips: hollowed out bell pepper, green or red cabbage or eggplant.
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