Roasted Winter Vegtables


2 potatoes, peeled & cut in 2" chunks
2 sweet potatoes, peeled & cut in 2" chunks
3 carrots, scraped & cut in 2" pieces
2 yellow squash, cut in 2" pieces
2 zucchini, cut in 2" pieces
2 red onions, cut in 4ths
3 cloves garlic, sliced
3 tbsps. olive oil, divided
1/4 c. fresh rosemary leaves, or 1 tbsp. dried rosemary crushed
2tbsps. balsamic vinegar


After removing turkey from oven, raise temperature oven to 450°. Put potatoes and carrots in a roasting pan and rub all over with 2 tbsps. olive oil. Sprinkle with half the rosemary and a light sprinkle of salt. Put pan in oven and cook potatoes and carrots, tossing often for 30 minutes. Add remaining vegetables, toss all with remaining oil and cook an additional 15 minutes or until potatoes are are browned and tender. Remove from oven, pour in  the vinegar, and toss well to glaze. Sprinkle with remaining rosemary leaves. Makes 6-8 servings.

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